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Alfaro Abogados
  • "Knowledge, experience and expediency: The basis for a cost efficient and solid legal advice in any business transaction in today's global economy"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados is a full corporate, and finance law firm that provides services in a variety of fields"
  • "The globalization of the world economy demands an efficient network of advisors qualified to provide legal advice to the client on a regional and immediate basis"
  • "In today's business world, professional legal expertise must be complemented with the knowledge of the most recent business and economic developments"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados provides its clients expedient and solid professional advice with the cross-cultural and business experience required for international business transactions"
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Day to Day Counseling

One of the main targets of Alfaro-Abogados is to develop a long term relationship with all of its clients. Notwithstanding each of the areas of practice of the Firm, Alfaro Abogados takes special attention to the day to day business operations of its clients.

In light of the specific needs of each particular client, Alfaro-Abogados selects a partner of the Firm to be in charge of a group of lawyers, attempting to maintain the same members of the group throughout the relationship with the client in order to facilitate communications.

Moreover, our experience in this field indicates that the fact of providing legal advice by these working groups creates the possibility of learning company policies and specific dealings that are very important to know in case that such company decides to engage in any transaction exceeding its regular business operations, such as a merger or an acquisition.

Among the most representative clients to which the members of Alfaro-Abogados have assisted during the last years are: Sun Microsystems, Salentein Argentina BV, Supermercados Norte; Bell Helicopter, SEPSA (Pago Facil), Grupo Socma; Musimundo, Musimundo.com, Freddo, Havanna, Pirelli, Stryker, Polo Ralph Lauren; Lacoste; Coniglio; Blaisten; Kidde; S.P.M. (TIM y Galeno-Life), The Dial Corporation, Georgia Pacific Corporation, and Club Atlántico Boca Juniors, Laboratorios Grifols; and Delara Transportes among others.

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