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Alfaro Abogados
  • "Knowledge, experience and expediency: The basis for a cost efficient and solid legal advice in any business transaction in today's global economy"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados is a full corporate, and finance law firm that provides services in a variety of fields"
  • "The globalization of the world economy demands an efficient network of advisors qualified to provide legal advice to the client on a regional and immediate basis"
  • "In today's business world, professional legal expertise must be complemented with the knowledge of the most recent business and economic developments"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados provides its clients expedient and solid professional advice with the cross-cultural and business experience required for international business transactions"

Areas of Practice
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Statement of Practice

Commercial, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitrust, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Trade, Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Aviation, Aircraft Finance, State contracts, Privatizations, Concessions, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure Projects: Cross-border, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Water, Roads, Industrial Projects, Real Estate, Hotels, Tourism, Transportation, Shipping, Capital Markets, Securities, Private and Public Offerings, Securitization, Derivatives, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Intellectual Property, Power, Energy, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Food, Licensing, Agency and Distributorship Agreements, Health Care, Sports, Merchandising, Products Liability, Pharmaceutical Industry, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Insurance, Reinsurance, International Transactions and Franchising, Compliance, Transparency and Regulatory Issues, Management Disputes and Governance.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Structuring and negotiating the transaction. Implementing deal strategies, and performing due diligence, including environmental issues. Buy-out transactions.

  • Antitrust: Competition and other regulatory issues. Defenses, motions and prevention.

  • Finance: Structuring the transaction, tax impact, guarantees, transfer of funds, transparency regulators.

  • Project Finance: Drafting and designing the legal vehicles for the transaction including implementation of local and offshore facilities.

  • Corporate: Regulatory issues. Filings, Restructuring, spin-offs and consolidation.

  • Protection of Foreign Investments: Compliance and tax planning. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues in a foreign jurisdiction.

  • License and Distributorship Agreements: Protection of vested interests in case of termination.

  • Arbitration & Mediation: Neutral or party Arbitrator /Mediator in Local and International Institutions. Dispute Resolution.

  • Airport Concessions and Aviation: Leasing of aircraft.

  • Mining Projects and Investments: Government regulations, tax benefits, acquisition of rights, import of mining equipment.

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Alfaro Abogados provides full advice on acquisition, registration and protection of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights. The firm also provides advice on judicial and administrative disputes; technology transfer and advertising.

  • Trade: Defense or filing of dumping and countervailing duty cases.

  • Customs: Structuring the transaction, compliance issues and administrative processes.

  • Trusts: Structuring of financial vehicles.

  • Real Estate: Investments funds and developments.

  • Insurance: Incorporation, compliance and regulatory aspects.

  • Lease Financing: Including leaseback financing, leases of equipment machinery, ships and aircraft leases.

  • Securities: Private and public offerings, disclosure issues, compliance with securities regulations, placement memoranda and related documentation.

  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: Planning and implementation.

  • Imports and Exports: Transactional and regulatory issues in importing and exporting. Import of turn-key projects.

  • Industrial Parks: Federal and state promotional regulations.

  • Asset and Estate Protection: Offshore corporations, foreign trusts and tax planning.

  • Oil and Gas: Exploration and production permits and contracts.

  • Human Resources: Immigration, Labor and Cross-Cultural Consulting Services.

  • Infrastructure projects: Local and Cross border projects.

  • Public concessions: Preparation of bids, offerings and contracts with public entities, administrative law issues.

  • Debt Restructuring: Bankruptcy and private rescheduling, negotiation of out of court agreements.

  • Sports and Entertainment: Structuring the transaction, permits and tax issues, representation of players, clubs, actors and singers.

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