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Maria Florencia Sota Vazquez - Immigration, expatriate employees transfer and working visas

M. Florencia is a corporate and immigration lawyer. In the corporate law area, M. Florencia is dedicated to provide advice on corporate matters, merger and acquisitions to foreign and local companies doing business in Argentina. In the area of Immigration, expatriate employees transfer and working visas, M. Florencia provides advice to international and local clients in all aspects relating to transfers of personnel and the formalities to obtain residence permits before the Immigration Office.

Alfaro Abogados immigration practice provides services to international corporations, investment funds and start-up ventures. Our attorneys have experience in a wide range of industries, including: information technology, biotechnology, security, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, banking, healthcare, entertainment and food and beverage. We also represent non-profit entities with immigration needs.

Our practice includes work and residence permit applications, a service that involves an in-house lawyer working in combination with our local expert counsel.

Of particular importance is that Immigration and naturalization regulations in Argentina are enforced by government agencies through bureaucratic processes which are time consuming and disregard the needs for efficiency that the clients require. Our Immigration Practice Group headed by M. Florencia assists employers in meeting their needs efficiently and effectively, while reducing delays and consequently expenses.

Immigration has an impact on Tax, Social Security and Corporate issues which are relevant. We engage our corporate, real estate, bankruptcy and tax attorneys to provide a complete range of legal services with respect to client needs. We provide specialized immigration-related services to address the business concerns of our clients.


University of Buenos Aires

Argentine Catholic University (UCA)

Practice Areas

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Immigration, expatriate employees transfer and working visas.


Spanish and English.

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