Law Firm Alfaro AbogadosLaw Firm Alfaro Abogados 
Law Firm Alfaro Abogados  
  • Alfaro Abogados has reached the #3,935 position out of 282,980 law firms from all over the world in the Visibility Ranking of Martindale Hubbell Law Directory  
  • Martindale Hubbell Law Directory has ranked Alfaro-Abogados as one of the Top Ten Most Visible Law Firms of Argentina for the year 2015
  • has granted Alfaro-Abogados the Award of Contributor with Most Articles Read in 2009
  • Alfaro Abogados received recognition from the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation for its contribution of the section of Argentina in the Doing Business 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Publication of such institutions</
  • The Firm has consistently been ranked in the first five law firms with more visibility in Argentina according to the total number of times they have appeared in searches for Argentine law firms during the past month.
  • "Knowledge, experience and expediency: The basis for a cost efficient and solid legal advice in any business transaction in today's global economy"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados is a full corporate, and finance law firm that provides services in a variety of fields"
  • "The globalization of the world economy demands an efficient network of advisors qualified to provide legal advice to the client on a regional and immediate basis"
  • "In today's business world, professional legal expertise must be complemented with the knowledge of the most recent business and economic developments"
  • "Alfaro-Abogados provides its clients expedient and solid professional advice with the cross-cultural and business experience required for international business transactions"