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Gabriela Carissimo - Litigation

Ms. Carissimo has graduated from University of Buenos Aires Law School with Certificate of Honor in 1998.

She has obtained a specialization degree in Damages Law and Civil Responsibility in the A.A.B.A. 

She is in charge of judicial litigation and of administrative litigation and the implementation of legal strategies for our customers.

She represents local and international clients in complex litigation and she has participated in the resolution of legal, administrative disputes, arbitration proceedings and other dispute resolutions, both in the role of plaintiff as defendant.

She is member of the Inter American Bar Association (Argentine Chapter) and has also published and assisted to I.A.B.A. Conferences related with Civil and Commercial Law.


         Attorney at law - Certificate of Honor at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences University of Buenos Aires (1993-1998)


         Bar Association of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal)

         Bar Association of San Isidro (Province of Buenos Aires)

         Inter American Bar Association (IABA) - Argentine Chapter


         “Update Course of the New Civil and Commercial Code of Argentine Nation"- (March / October 2015) Fundesi.

         “Post-graduate Course in Administrative and Tax Procedure” – (March/ December 2007) - Argentine Fiscal Association.

        “Post-graduate Course in Corporate Law” - (March/ April de 2004) - Professional Success.

        “Post-graduate Course in Damages Law and Civil Responsibility” – Part II (April / December of 2002) - Bar Association of Buenos Aires.

         “Post-graduate Course in Damages Law and Civil Responsibility” – Part I (April / December of 2001) - Bar Association of Buenos Aires.


         "Seminar on Electronic Notifications" - (27/08/2015) F.A.C.A.

         "New Legal Regime of the digital signature" - (06/12/2015) Mediterranean Foundation.

         "Day of Practice on Precautionary Measures and Evidence" - (11/28/2014) Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, U.B.A.

         "Conference on Legal Education and Technology" - (08/05/2014) Bar of the Judicial Department Mercedes.

         "Consumer Rights" - (04/03/2013) Bar Association of the Federal Capital.

         "Unification Project of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation" - (01/11/2012) Universidad Abierta Interamericana.

         "V Congress of Private Law - The Reformation by its authors" - (08/08/2012), Universidad Abierta Interamericana


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